Ozzie (Ozymandias) Photos

First weekend home photos. Ozzie is nine weeks old. We got him through English Springer Spaniel Rescue of America. His mom was rescued when she was pregnant and she had eight puppies at her foster mom’s house–5 boys, 3 girls. Ozzie was the seventh born. He was born without his umbilical cord attached. Not sure what impact that has; but his foster mom noted this about him. He was also the most liver of the whole batch. Number six was mostly white. We almost chose number six but I am glad we have little Ozzie. Ethan named him after a character in The Watchmen. Chris and I like to think he is named after the character in the Percy Shelley poem. Josh mostly calls him OZ. Hannah is wishing we hadn’t gotten a dog and I am guessing she’s glad she is not living at home any more. She said to me, “Your life is already so chaotic, why would you add a dog?” Good point. For the joy of it I guess. Sometimes it is the chaos, the people, the noise, that adds the beauty, even as it punctuates the silence of the orderly, still, sometimes-solo existence you once lead. Just here embracing it all tonight . . .

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3 thoughts on “Ozzie (Ozymandias) Photos

  1. He is so sweet and cute!!! Sure, dogs can be a lot of work, but they add SO much to our lives. Congrats on this furry addition to your family! Can’t wait to meet him!

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