Gratitude Journal: 921-940

Did anyone wonder where my first 100 gratitudes went? Because all of a sudden, I was in the 800’s? Well, I’ve remedied that now. I am back in the 900’s.

  1. Even when math skills escape me, things work out okay
  2. Seeing the neighbors’ lights from their Christmas tree through the window; for some reason this evokes a sort of romantic nostalgia in me
  3. Ethan attended a fabulous “Jason” yoga class with me
  4. Mostly, Ozzie is just waking up once at night and sleeps well in his kennel
  5. I somehow managed to get my Christmas decorations up this past weekend and it looks pretty festive around here
  6. Vintage Santa Claus mug on my mantel; rescued from parents who throw everything away
  7. Jason traveling from Detroit to teach yoga classes this week
  8. Safe delivery of baby J to Jen and Jared
  9. Warm weather in December
  10. Ozzie tolerates feet cleaning quite nicely (he needs a whole lot of feet cleaning these days)
  11. Today’s awareness of the revolting amount of sugar I’ve been consuming lately (true change can only start from recognizing and accepting where you are at the moment)
  12. Today’s awareness that it’s easier to read the directions to the juicer I got 2 months ago than to continue making trips out to cover my current sugar addiction
  13. Remembering today that I am a sugar addict and sugar makes me feel pretty awful, in the short and long term
  14. I am not sure how I am going to (once again) get back on the wagon of sugar independence, but (once again) awareness is the first step–so grateful I’ve taken the first step
  15. For the new day bed on the front porch; another place to sleep guests and a lovely place to read on a Sunday afternoon (hypothetically, if this were the kind of life I had)
  16. For Josh taking a black permanent marker out of one of my many art supply cabinets and “signing” his name on our new day bed, while it was less than one day old, showing it to me and saying “See, Gosh (his way of saying Josh)”–a good lesson in the impermanence of all things; especially the new quality of things.
  17. Hannah finding a ride home for break so that one of us doesn’t have to make the trek across Wisconsin this weekend
  18. My sister-in-law Tiffany who helps me keep me balanced when coping with my many disappointments in my own imperfect mother
  19. Josh gets to spend two mornings per week at one of my most favorite houses of my life, my Aunt Gretchen and Uncle Lee’s house, where they still have every toy that I once played with while visiting their house from my prairie town up north
  20. Lateduster (featuring my talented cousin Bryan Olson, flying in from SF) reunion this Friday night at the Cedar. Here’s hoping I get to attend. (Was just there to see Jeremy Messersmith, so my music evenings out are outweighing Chris’s lately)

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