Gratitude Journal: 901-920

  1. For all of the sunshine days during this typically dark time of the year;
  2. Almost made it to the shortest day of the year; I love when the days begin to get longer again
  3. Joshy coloring himself all over with marker, showing a willingness to get messy for once (I guess OT is starting to pay off)
  4. Sitting on the daybed on the porch, surrounded by twinkling white lights; Josh busy playing trains
  5. The same old blue tea cup I’ve had for years. It will someday break, like its two predecessors, but for now, it makes such a lovely cup of tea. Ahhh.
  6. The woman who lived in this house before me, God bless her, she made the most wonderful roller type of blinds out of some great fabric choices. I didn’t have to do a thing and yet I have all of these great window treatments.
  7. View of neighbor’s towering tall pine tree across the street at dusk, sun just slipping past all of the branches
  8. Living in a neighborhood of dog owners who walk dogs daily providing a sense that all is right with the world
  9. We have these high rectangular (horizontally placed) windows over our vintage clawfoot bathtub, which should probably have window coverings but are so high, I don’t bother as I always enjoy seeing the sky through the windows; last night through the windows I saw white and purply black angels spreading their wings in the positive and negative space of sky and clouds
  10. Small breaks now coming, here and there, from the tension headache gripping me since sunrise today; like ice moving off a lake in spring
  11. Hannah introducing me to Bon Iver; I just cannot get this haunting music out of my head (sort of reminds me of how I felt about Tears for Fears The Hurting, back in the day)
  12. Hannah coming home, reading the directions on the juicer for me (she is much more about directions than I am) and finally “rocking” the juicer with lots of vegetables
  13. The enormous excitement Ethan had about getting a “full in” and potentially “double full in” on floor yesterday (gymnastics reference)
  14. Watching Josh and Hannah finally really connecting . . . it’s been a long time coming (didn’t really happen the year after she returned from Japan)
  15. Streetlights coming on at 4:50 pm
  16. Creating my first yoga playlist and using it for a few days; yesterday to teach Hannah–I am ready to go (acting as if)
  17. Going from some sort of aching torment about Ethan having a girlfriend (Molly) over the weekend, to a bit of measured acceptance yesterday and today
  18. Ethan talking to me openly about his girlfriend, even letting me know that he intended to kiss her on Saturday (which gave me an opportunity to talk to him about respecting women and all of that other scary stuff–wasn’t ready folks)
  19. Josh just telling me “I poop”– first, he’s been hiding from us and resisting getting his diaper changed for a month or so now and he used a pronoun, instead of calling himself “Gosh”
  20. Josh running so much more since we starting the brushing (sensory processing disorder therapy), even if it is coming with more tantrums and such (just his system reorganizing, his OT says)

2 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal: 901-920

  1. Ah yes, brushing can be fabulously helpful in so many ways! Have you read The Out of Sync Child? The Out of Sync Child Has Fun is also very good. I’d definitely suggest those if you haven’t read them yet.

    And I had to laugh about Tears for Fears…definitely brought back memories.

  2. Thanks Sarah. I will definitely get this book today. We really need some help with this issue. I’ve read so much on hearing loss, but only starting this journey.

    Now, if only they had a brush for the out of sync puppy.

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