Gratitude Journal: 881-900

  1. Rising sun bouncing off neighbor’s white house
  2. Josh sleeping in today
  3. Pretty white snow everywhere
  4. New Year’s Eve walk with Ozzie down Raymond and seeing the business space that I saw in a dream a year or so back
  5. The Hobbit preview–awesome (for the anticipation I get to have for an entire year)
  6. Leading Hannah in a New Year’s Day yoga celebration, with lots of sun salutations (but not quite 108)
  7. Hannah watching Josh so that Chris and I could enjoy an evening out on Thursday and so that on New Year’s Day morning, we could work together on completing our living wills
  8. My parent’s adoring Ozzie
  9. Josh getting on so well with my parents over Christmas
  10. To our Christmas day Mexican Fiesta that successfully accommodated the carnivores, the vegetarians, the vegans, and  the gluten-frees; with minimal effort
  11. To Chris, for finding me a first edition hardcover of Madeleine L’Engles A Swiftly Tilting Planet (all time favorite childhood author and perhaps even adult author -one of her memoirs, A Circle of Quiet sustains me), for Christmas (very good thinking honey! This was a home run kind of present, as were the two vintage-esque May Sarton novels)
  12. Watching Hannah make up all kinds of imaginative play for Josh
  13. Having Chris home for five whole vacation days
  14. Good health over the holidays
  15. Comfy new Smartwool socks–hardly anything better than Smartwool
  16. Occasionally exactly the right book jumps off the shelf at exactly the right time; this time it was Pema Chodron’s Comfortable with Uncertainty at Micawber’s Books
  17. Yummy local Muesli from the Wedge
  18. Red and white flannel snowflake sheets on the porch day bed; ultra cozy
  19. Ozzie loving the snow
  20. Bigger Ozzie bladder, less accidents

One thought on “Gratitude Journal: 881-900

  1. I love Madeleine L’Engle. Love her. My sister got us a signed copy of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 one year, and it is a prized treasure. In my fantasy house, there is a giant library. Books are my happy place 🙂

    The snow here is beautiful,too – and we had a blue sky to set everything sparkling this morning. Divine.

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