LA here we come . . .

in about 6 months. Yes, we got into John Tracy Clinic’s summer preschool program this coming July! I’ve read about so many blogger’s wonderful experiences at JTC. I really cannot wait. It is a bright spot of hope in this cold, dark (but not as dark as last) winter. Hooray!


4 thoughts on “LA here we come . . .

  1. It is an amazing place. Absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to live vicariously through you – take pictures and give all of those SLT’s and Kathleen Ambrosi a big hug from us!

  2. JTC is a glorious beam of sunlight in my world. My three weeks there was profoundly life changing and a blissful respite from my regular life. No one had to waste time explaining things to each other; everyone just got it and we could dig into the crux of it. Friends that I made there continue to support me to this day. JTC was a place where people actually heard what I was saying, and cared, and I will forever consider it a home. I wish for you the same awesome experience. I, too, cannot wait to hear about your time there. And it’s still six months away!

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