Fever and Lice

Josh has been fevering (as my Texan husband calls it) for the past 3 days now. After 2.4 years, we finally broke down and got an ear thermometer. I’ve always just felt Josh was being difficult about getting his temperature taken; now I realize that it was definitely a sensory thing. Knowing this, I sometimes feel badly about the things we tried to thrust on Josh, in an effort to get passed his “stubbornness.” Well, I see things differently now. I have more patience and am trying even more new parenting strategies with Josh.

Anyway, the upside of this illness would be that if Josh had still had lice, it would be gone now. The lice lady I consulted this summer told me that fevers over 101 (it was 102.9 this afternoon) will kill lice. So that’s one way to go about exterminating head lice–go out and court a bronchial infection of sorts.

I know I haven’t done a gratitude journal in a while. And I mean to get to one soon. For now, suffice it to say, I am so grateful that I married a man (the second time around) who has his priorities straight. For various reasons, he has been under incredible pressure at work lately–this week in particular. Yet he took time to rescue Ethan in the sub-zero temperatures yesterday when Ethan got a flat tire on the way to school (and I had my cell phone off and so I didn’t get Ethan’s call for help) and today leaving work early, missing some fairly important stuff, to pick up tylenol suppositories for Josh (and the ear thermometer). I couldn’t take out my very sick, stuck-on-me-like-a-wet-noodle, “fevering” boy in sub-zero temps to get the necessary fever aids. I love my husband so very much. He is such a good dad to Hannah, Ethan and Josh.

P.S. and grateful that I am STILL nursing Josh. Only fluid he is accepting again with this latest yucky illness.


2 thoughts on “Fever and Lice

  1. Well, if there was ever an upside to having a fever, I would say that “killing lice” is it! I hope Josh feels better soon, and let’s hear it for all those wonderful husbands and dads out there – I know I am certainly grateful for Dennis!

  2. Oooh, I should start a gratitude journal. Or take up boxing (a current serious consideration). I suspect that either would quell the rage that bubbles up inside of me several times a week. Good thing I’m back to yoga next week! And that my husband is also incredibly supportive. Really, he does half of the parenting while holding down a decent nine to five job. He gives me all of the space that I need to take care of myself (although sometimes I need even more!) My mother has called him a Prince Among Men, and I often find myself trying to live up to his example. Hope J is feeling better soon.

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