Snot smells, when you can smell it

Last week, when I left off, I was discussing Josh’s fever. This fever crept up the next day to 103 and then, that night (Friday) purple goo started to flow from Josh’s right ear (the ear with the perforated ear drum that won’t be repaired until he is five). The next morning, Josh was reduced to laying listlessly in my arms, eyes half closed. The ear goo had turned sort of an oily gold with some green mixed in and was flowing rapidly. Josh hadn’t really eaten in five days. Nothing. He also smelled like a whole bunch of snot and he’d been wearing the same shirt since Wednesday. And so, being a Saturday, we decided to drive, in the below zero temps. to the ER where we learned we now have a 100 dollar co-pay. A big leap from the $50 co-pay we had last year.

We had some very good doctors and for once, we had a doctor who praised me, rather than vilified me, for still nursing Josh. She also took quite seriously Josh’s Sensory Processing Disorder, with a huge oral defensive component. Basically, we knew there was no way he’d take oral antibiotics. She totally believed us. And this was the first time he’s needed antibiotics since he was born so I was nervous about it, especially since we’d have to do it intravenously. The ER doctor  called Josh’s ENT’s practice, because of the ear perforation. I suspected Josh couldn’t have ear drops in that ear and I was right, their on-call resident verified that for our ER doctor. Well, Josh perked up a little bit by that evening, after two shots of antibiotics (level 2) in his legs. He got a little better the next day; still missed school on Monday, but was back in action on Tuesday–still a bit sick. His ear is still running yucky yellow liquid wax type of material (still sometime green). The first emergency appointment I could snag with his ENT was for next Wednesday, so he is going sans hearing aid on the right side, for now.

Chris and I both knew we had the illness by the time we left the ER. And we’ve been struggling all week long. This is a horrible affliction. And the only thing I can do is sit and bear it patiently, with my heavy, heavy head, and do my netti pot over and over again. Do you think our sinus cavities were a mistake in our basic design paradigm?  I cannot even take decongestants because of breast feeding. And I am not supposed to take ibuprofen either, because Josh isn’t supposed to have it in his blood (because of his unknown blood condition). And I’ve had a fever now for six days and because of our new ear thermometer, I have been able to track it incessantly. And I too have had no appetite, cause really, you can’t taste or smell anything with this awful cold. So what’s the point. I may as well be eating raw kale. But tonight, for the first time in 5 days, I have the vague sense of smell returning to me. And the only thing I can smell is my own snot.

May February bring us deliverance from this particular pestilence. Although the pestilence has brought a very clear moment of wisdom. I’ll get to that next time.


3 thoughts on “Snot smells, when you can smell it

  1. Ugh – sinus cavities! I know the weather probably doesn’t have much to do with viruses, but we’ve all had a rough winter this year and the rain/snow/rain is just so bizarre. My sinuses are seeking revenge, I just know it!

    I hope Josh gets well with the two shots of antibiotic. Poor kiddo – getting a bug is never fun, and it is even worse when it involves needles! Nolan has been fairly good this winter (go figure) but has had constant sinus issues. Whether that’s from reflux or viruses is up for debate, but I’m entirely OVER the large amount of mucus this year!

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