Day 11 in Standoff: Me, 0 / Cold Virus, 11

Okay, is it normal to have bright yellow (really almost orange) snot coming out of your head? I went to a chakra clearing and detox session yesterday with Kaja Foat, of Foat Design. Kaja has my dream job (or, one of them). She owns a design studio with her twin sister (I don’t have even have a non-twin sister), overlooking the Mississippi River, where she and her sister create cool yoga garb out of recycled clothing and discarded fabrics. I am pretty sure that the chakra clearing didn’t work, because an elemental part of chakra clearing is breathing through your nose, which isn’t happening for me these days. Anytime I did try to breath through my nose, I just grossed out the women around me (I am sure) with the rattling of mucous pinging off the insides of my nostrils, as well as the back of my throat. Yes, I was THAT woman (the why-the-heck-didn’t-you-stay-at-home-instead-of-brining-your-germs-to-share-woman). And to top it off, Kaja had us come into Ustrasana, my least favorite pose. But folks, other than doing the bare necessities, such as getting Josh to and from school and buying some minimal fresh produce to combine with my pantry stores, I haven’t been out in well over two weeks. Unless you count our trip to the ER. I’ve had the same seven dollars in my wallet for the past two weeks. Indeed, a sad sign. But I did purchase I jaunty little winter cap yesterday, that Kaja designed out of an old sweater. I kind of love my new hat. I am a hat girl, afterall.

So the chakra clearing didn’t really help me (at least, not in the immediate sense), but I learned that Kaja was on the 10th day of her cold yesterday too. I guess misery loves company–or at least likes to know others are dealing with this same long-lasting cold. Cause, I’ve almost given in over the past few days and gone to an MD in search of antibiotics. Today, I tried to return to a regular yoga class (first time in two weeks–although I co-taught a class one week ago, I forgot about that–part of my mentoring program). Spent much of the time in child’s pose with my forehead rocking back and forth, forward and back, into my towel to ease the sinus pain involved in having my head lower than my heart. I never realized before just how painful Down Dog can be when you have a cold. Whew! I also spent much time blowing my nose. At one time, I found some snot had leaked off of one of my graveyard of facial tissues and onto the floor. Oh gross. I was THAT woman AGAIN.  Then I sat in a steam room for ten minutes. And it was after the steam room when I started blowing out the fluorescent yellow/orange mucous. And for the remainder of the day, I’ve felt perhaps more miserable than I’ve felt in days. Just hoping this weird development is some sort of turning point and I am going to wake up feeling a small bit better tomorrow. Come on white blood cells, time to do your thing.


2 thoughts on “Day 11 in Standoff: Me, 0 / Cold Virus, 11

  1. Oh dear, you really are sick. Perhaps you should consider going to an M.D. (or a D.O.?). I had walking pneumonia 4 years ago and was sick for two weeks before going to a doctor. It was miserable. It took 3 days on antibiotics to feel a little bit normal. I’m definitely not a fan of antibiotics, but I was grateful for them that time.

  2. I too have this same cold, and am on day 11. My snot is green, sometimes yellow. I cannot believe how much mucus one persons sinuses can create. I’ve gone through at least 5 boxes of tissues and countless napkins and rolls of toilet paper. I recently got some antibiotics from my doctor and so far had very little relief. I feel your pain and wish you all the best. Each day I wake up (after a sleepless night of dry mouth because I have to sleep with it open to breath!!) thinking today is the day I will feel better and so far nope. Not today. It is pure H.E.L.L. .

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