Gratitude Journal: 861-880

Oh, I know, it’s been a while since any gratitude has crossed my online journal. It has felt like a tough winter, even though the weather has been unseasonably warm. Josh has now commenced cold # 4. Four colds so far in two months. Hopefully this one will be more minor, than major, like the first cold he had in January which was epic. Anyway, we are stuck inside with the snow flakes flurrying about outside and so it seems like a good time for some thanksgiving.

  1. Chris, our anniversary yesterday, and staying in for my culinary masterpiece, chicken pot pie from scratch (you just don’t get a sitter when Josh has as many melt downs as he does these days–I even just left him with Ethan outside the pool last weekend while I showered and I came out of the locker room to find Josh having a meltdown that Ethan couldn’t handle and the meltdown actually continued all the way home–20 minutes or so–because Josh was so whipped into a frenzy by the time I got to him;
  2. My dear Ethan, who turned seventeen last week;
  3. Curious George cartoons downloaded to the iPad (yeah, we are a little too media-dependent these days, but hey, if it keeps the insanity away, I guess it’s a good thing);
  4. That my mother managed to get any food to me during my three older brother’s teenage years (I am only now realizing what a feat that was when I see how just one teenage-son is eating me out of house and home);
  5. Helen Louis Parton’s life and all that her life contributed to this world;
  6. Wool blankets;
  7. Pinterest’s resources on Sensory Processing Disorder;
  8. An online SPD community, to help me know I am not alone in the craziness that goes into raising a son with SPD;
  9. Honey Crisp apples, since these are one of the few nutritious things that Josh will regularly eat;
  10. Chris and Ethan for indulging my furniture-rearranging practices (up for another round this weekend guys?);
  11. Josh’s incredible exploding language development (we are routinely up to 7-8 word sentences and he used the word “satellite” last week in a sentence);
  12. I haven’t had my hair cut or colored in over six months (who has the time?) and everyday there are new white hairs poking through, but strangely, I am the most content I’ve ever been with the color of my hair (I really do need a cut though!);
  13. My dad bought a condo near my brother and sister-in-law and, as of May, will only be living about 50 minutes from our house (Josh sure does love his grandpa);
  14. Purple (0r is it “red” like purple onions are red?) cabbage–a veggie with a long shelf-life so it is always there for me;
  15. My Cauliflower soup–it is simply divine and my most favorite thing I make (sorry Ethan and Chris, I know it is in the rotation an awful lot this winter) and likely the simplest thing I make;
  16. My enthusiastic love for vintage cookbooks, even though I don’t make the recipes therein;
  17. Helen’s recipe for southern cornbread (She called it Mother Nation’s Cornbread–after her own mother) recipe that she wrote out for me in her own handwriting, in pink pen (Helen loved the color pink), that I framed and have hanging in my kitchen (I now I treasure it all the more);
  18. Vintage photographs–I have been collecting these for years and I love to use them in making cards, and now that I am doing collage, I have found another place for these wonderful images;
  19. The original pocket door and original hardware that has survived in our house since 1907, demonstrating to me that not everything is impermanent; and,
  20. The new place I found, over the pocket door, for displaying some of my vintage Nancy Drew books (oh, how I love these book covers).

Yes, it is so true that if you can find beauty in the everyday items around you, you can find joy and inspiration. I feel so much more joyful after this giving thanks as well. I forget how much of a difference it makes.

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2 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal: 861-880

  1. I love reading these, too! Such a good reminder to always look for things to be thankful for. I was sorry to hear about Chris’s mom passing away. I hope that you’re all doing okay and that Josh’s latest cold will be a short and minor one! Would love to see you for breakfast or a walk or a visit at your house sometime soon. Big hugs to you!

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