Joy Now, Soon Dead

I realize it’s been awhile. Josh awoke this morning with cold number six since January. Still no date for his dental surgery and now, given the cold, it will for sure not be taking place this week. I am wondering if I’ll need to hold him out from school during the week before his surgery to try to foster a state of health. I am thinking that his body has been so busy fighting off infection in his decaying teeth that his immunity to general colds and such must be down. That just has to be the reason for this sick state this spring. It seems like we only get a week to 10 days off and then another cold settles in.

In the meantime, my twice per week yoga teaching gig has gotten very busy. I am always being asked to sub lately and so am averaging five classes per week. Which is fine, it is good experience and all, but it creates a sort of random schedule. And I am out most evenings. I am new enough to this “career” or whatever it is (maybe more like a stepping stone to the next career), that every class I teach still requires ample prep time. So I am busy and I guess this is eating into my writing time. Won’t always be so. No, it won’t. One stress passes into another. One joy passes into another.

Breathe now, soon dead. Write now, soon dead. Joy now, soon dead. Love now, soon dead. Stress later, soon dead.

And so, I think I am going to quit counting my gratitude march towards 1000 thanksgivings. It keeps me from recording them here because I have to go back and figure out what number I am on and I just don’t every want to make that effort. Instead, from now on, I am just going to mark my gratitude as it rolls in. Someone else can count if they want to. I am sure it will all work out in the end.

  1. Hannah home for the weekend, making from-scratch refried beans in kitchen.
  2. Ethan telling me this week that he’s decided that he is a pacifist (no ROTC for him–whew, why did I expend any amount of effort worrying about this–I do know my son, in the end).
  3. Crab apple blossoms.
  4. Dried cherries.
  5. Josh eating blueberry muffins and trying bagels this week!
  6. Family outing tonight to Punches Pizza. All five of us.
  7. Ethan’s safety in Lincoln, Nebraska (gymnastics meet) last week during F2 tornadoes.
  8. Chris. Chris. Chris.
  9. DMB. Flussfest mit Hannah und Ethan diese Juni. Gott sei Dank.
  10. Zoo concerts with Chris this summer. Part of the collective “us” returning. Signs of our slow emergence from baby and toddlerdom.

2 thoughts on “Joy Now, Soon Dead

  1. Sorry to hear that Josh is sick again! But glad that your whole family is safe together and looking forward to many fun things in the near future. 🙂

  2. I’m so sorry that Josh is sick again. Adam used to get a lot of colds, but now that he’s older, he is hardly ever sick. I hope that Josh recovers quickly and can have his dental work done.

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