Surgery Update

Josh is scheduled for dental surgery in the morning on Thursday. At 1 pm, our ENT will take over and will clip Josh’s upper frenulum, as well as repairing his perforated right ear drum. I guess they take cartilage from behind his ear for the repair. While in there, his ENT is going to get a good look in his middle right ear and try to determine the cause of his conductive loss (at least from a bone standpoint). If he thinks he can do anything surgically to enable better conduction of these bones, he’ll let us know. We may have some decisions to make in the waiting room. It does appear now that Josh will be in surgery the better part of the day on Thursday. We very much appreciate all the prayers, positive thoughts, and love that you can send Josh’s way on Thursday.

Today we went to the bookstore looking for some children’s books about going to the hospital. The very best I could find was Curious George Goes to the Hospital, which was first published in 1966 (I owned a copy of that book when I was a child). It is the one where George swallows a puzzle piece and has to have it surgically removed. The book is a little outdated, from a medical standpoint, but still gets the idea across, I guess. I also purchased Josh a stuffed Curious George to bring with him to the hospital and back to the OR. I am telling him that George has been through it before and so he’ll help Josh be brave. We could bring Buzz Light Year with us, but I don’t think he’d be very huggable in the OR or in recovery.

We were also sent home with a kit containing scrubs, surgical gloves and mask, and even a gas mask–the kind they use to deliver the anesthesia initially. We are supposed to get Josh used to these items before Thursday. Josh knows he is going to the hospital to get his teeth and ears fixed, but I don’t know how meaningful this really is to him.

Does anyone out there have any other ideas on how to prepare a toddler for surgery?

My little mouse

One thought on “Surgery Update

  1. Wow! It’s a great idea to try out the mask, etc. at home. When Jadon had his tonsils removed there was no way that he was getting that gown on…he knew what it meant from previous surgeries! But fortunately the doctors and nurses were fine with that.

    We also read that Curious George book. We bought Jadon’s stuffed animal some scrubs from Build a Bear. He really liked that a lot. Maybe you could get some for Curious George…?

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