Broke Open Heart

Open your heart wide,

see how it floats.

See how all this life

we pretend to be

tethered to those

we so love and even

so, be fierce in this love;

wild, heated,

bright colors smelling

of blue and red




as it flows

freely towards this

sweet blond boy.

Tonight I see

every single line

of an American

flag, blowing in

the wind of the

neighboring yard,

as if in slow motion.

Hour after hour of car-

accident moments.

Breathing in heaps of

yellow two-year-old hair.

Any tethers merely

phantasmic ties,

dissolving sutures.

And cold winds will come.

I can even wrap him in

my woolen blanket arms,

as he comes in from the cold.

As he comes in once or twice

before he is back on his way;

strapping on his very journey,

his own “wild and precious life,”*

his own “I am.”

*thanks Mary Oliver for one of the most endearing and ever appropriate lines of American poetry


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