24 Hours Post-Surgery

Josh, Curious George and the hospital's play otoscope.I guess it is always good when you make it to the 24-hour post surgery marker. So, we’ve made it!  Tiny celebration. Honestly though, I have to say that watching your child go through all of this is just about one of the hardest things I’ve done as a parent, as a person.

Josh was a trooper prior to surgery. Even with no food or water all morning (and they didn’t get him back for surgery until nearly 11 am), he did amazingly well at the hospital pre-surgery. He was excited to play with the toys and even, after some coaxing, willingly replaced his Buzz Light Year shirt with the hospital’s pajamas.

The surgery lasted close to five hours. Josh ended up with silver crowns on all eight molars, plus one root canal. We are supposed to be brushing those crowns along the gum line diligently now (they are bleeding), but yeah right–Josh is even more miserable than the standard dental patient due to the major surgery undertaken on his ear yesterday.  We thought our ENT would be going in through the canal, but he made an incision that goes the whole length of the right ear and went in the back way. So now, Josh’s ear is extremely bruised, swollen and looks vastly different than it used to. I spoke with a nurse today who said the swelling would go down, but the ear may never be the same shape again. I guess we didn’t know this going into the surgery, so it was kind of shocking for me to see this morning. Anyway, our ENT discovered that Josh’s first and second middle ear bone are very malformed (probably even worse on the left since his hearing is worse on that side). They were much smaller than they should be and basically, didn’t connect to conduct sound. There was also an issue with the placement of his ear drum, which was also not positioned to maximize the conduction of sound waves. Our ENT came out during surgery and told us that, while repairing the ear drum, he’d try to reposition it in a manner to maximize sound delivery. He also told us we had the option of replacing Josh’s first two middle ear bones with titanium prosthetic devices. We were told there is an 85% success rate in restoring conduction with these prosthetic devices. And of course, not without a some risk as well. Quite a thing to have thrown at you with about three minutes to make a decision.

What would you do?

Post-op Recovery


One thought on “24 Hours Post-Surgery

  1. Poor little Josh – dental surgery and ear surgery at the same time. I hope he recovers as quickly as possible and isn’t sore for much longer. Goodness gracious – what a decision to make! It has an 85% success rate, but what are the potential pitfalls if it doesn’t work? Could he lose more hearing? I can’t imagine having to make that decision in three minutes. I think (and I don’t know for sure because we haven’t been there), but I THINK I would have gone for the titanium implants. But you don’t know what you’d do until you are in the actual situation – what a wild ride.

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