My Mid-Life Fitness Goals

My lovely husband gave me a massage coupon for Mother’s Day. Hannah watched Josh this past Tuesday while I had the most incredible massage (thanks Dave–you are World’s Most Awesome Massage Therapist) from my fellow yoga instructor Dave (great yoga instructor cause he knows so so very much about anatomy and his knowledge enriches his teaching). It had been a year since I’d had any “official” body work and I was wound extremely tight. I had Dave focus on releasing the tension in my jaw (which was fierce from this post-surgery stress), neck and shoulders. Ahhhhhh.

But last night, Josh blew into a toy trumpet that I hid away the night of the surgery. I should have thrown the toy away—grrrr—-a $6.00 toy versus the roughly $6,000 surgery (and trust me folks, it’s not the money I’m worried about here). When I heard that trumpet sound, I turned my head and yelled a deep guttural “NOOOOOOOO.” Consequently, there was only one blow. But did that one blow cost us the ear drum? Hoping not. And we may not know until August as we just had our post-op yesterday morning and at that time, the eardrum was still in tact, but it is still very touchy for the next month or so. More on this all later though. I just can’t write much about this whole thing; the post-surgery terrain. Needless to say, tension back in my jaw post-trumpet sounding.

So anyway, on the form I filled out pre-massage, it asked my fitness goals. I guess at this time in my life, I was able to sum my fitness goals up with 10 words:



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