Take that you Phone Solicitors!

We don’t answer our home phone. We don’t give out our home phone number. We just have it for emergencies, but otherwise operate strictly off of our cell phones. So we know that any calls coming through are simply the dreaded phone solicitors. Lately, however, Josh has begun answering our phone and we let him. He hasn’t often gotten past “hello” before the folks (or machines) on the other end wise up and realize they are talking to a toddler. Yesterday, however, Hannah reported a pretty funny conversation that went as follows:

Josh: Hello

Phone solicitor: Is your mommy home?

Josh: No, but my Hannah is.

Phone solicitor: Silence

Josh: “Okay, well, so . . . goodbye then.” And hangs up. We have to teach Josh to say, “Could you please put us on your ‘no call’ list.” But until then, we are just finding these little conversations a tad bit amusing.


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