The Funny Things a Three-Year Old Says

Happy 3rd Birthday to my little guy who says such funny things to us:

Yesterday, eating a small bag of Bran Flakes that I brought back from my trip with Ethan, Josh says to me, “It tastes better than it looks.”

To Ethan a few weeks back, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

To me unloading the dishwasher last week, “It’s so nice of you to help out around here Mommy!”

To the three school district reps leaving our house yesterday after Josh’s big IEP meeting, “Don’t get blown away out there!” (it was just a tad bit windy)

To my dad leaving his birthday party after dark, “Be careful not to get lost out in the dark.”

Last week we are lying in bed reading and I notice Josh itching his right (surgery) ear and I say, “Josh, please don’t put your finger in your ear.” Josh says back to me without missing a beat, “And mommy, please don’t put your hair in my ear.” (I guess my hair must have been causing an itchy ear).

And quite frequently to me, Chris, Ethan or Hannah, “You’re the best, mommy (or daddy, or Ethan, or Hannah).”

To Hannah the weekend before she returned to college, “I don’t love you because you are too boring.”

Today, after I used a sanitizing wipe on his hands (a regular occurrence since surgery) and on the metacarpals of his new friend, a life-size plastic skeleton, “You are very helpful, aren’t you mommy?”

After he went #1 on the potty a few weeks back he said to me, “I just emptied my bladder.” (he’s very very into anatomy books lately and likes to watch my yoga anatomy DVDs).

When we celebrated his birthday with family a few weeks back, he was not disturbed by the end of the present-opening phase, or the cake-eating phase, but after everyone left, Josh said to me, “My birthday is over,” and then again more slowly as if processing it completely, “my birthday is over.” Then he started to cry a little.

To think, at this time last year, Josh was hardly talking. I am so grateful for Josh’s language development over the past year. Grateful beyond all words. I love this little guy so much and it has been so much fun to learn about all of this stuff we just knew he was thinking before but couldn’t express. He is just so interesting and fun and unique. I am completely blessed to get to spend everyday hanging out with Josh.

“You’re the best Josh–simply the best!”


2 thoughts on “The Funny Things a Three-Year Old Says

  1. That’s my favorite one too. I about cracked up when he said that to me. But I said back to him, “yes it is so nice of me to help out, isn’t it?” I think he must have somehow heard me thanking Hannah at some point this past summer. He is like a sponge. Hears an expression one time and then will pull it out and use it appropriately somewhere down the line.

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