Mom for Two Decades

Hannah just turned 20 this past weekend. I drove 12 hours (round trip) to be with her for about 23 hours, minus the time she spent away in the evening taking her turn doing security checks for a party on campus.

Hannah is having a delightful semester. She is extremely engaged and happy this year at college. Last year, she went up and down with wanting to transfer closer to home. But not this year. Hannah is well-positioned to graduate in three years because of the large amount of college credits she had already completed prior to college (our state paid for her to attend Macalester College during her last year of high school, which was a pretty sweet deal for us!). Hannah has been telling me lately though that she doesn’t want to graduate early. I think this will change. She gets of tired of the same old, same old after a while. She’s always been a person who thrives on change. Plus, she can apply to do an “honors semester” for free at her college after she graduates. So we’ll see what happens.

I went to visit Hannah alone this time (due to Josh’s ear issues, Chris and I keep taking separate vacations out and about with Hannah and Ethan–rather than any one family vacation) and enjoyed listening to J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, there and back again. This provided some much needed “me” time. I have some definite thoughts on how The Hobbit is similar to the journey of raising a special needs child. But more on that later.

Lots to report on, lots of new developments around here–particularly on the Joshy front. Keeping me busy, but I’ll get back out here and report soon enough. For now, I celebrate this only daughter; this first child of mine.

Han in her dorm room on her 20th Birthday.

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