Photo Update: Late Summer into Fall, 2012

I haven’t been a very faithful blogger lately. I’ve been teaching yoga at three different places and am back in another yoga training every Saturday until the end of February. I am pretty much either teaching yoga, studying yoga, or taking Josh to therapy/working with school district therapists. And, of course, taking Josh on some fun outings too. Lately, Josh is obsessed with skeletons, bones, human anatomy and dinosaur bones and so, we became members of the local Science Museum this fall; money well spent. I am posting a slide show of some of this fall’s events in lieu of a more thorough update, which will follow hopefully in the not too distant future. Ethan and I took a trip to San Diego this past September and Hannah and I went to Seattle in August. Josh can’t fly yet so Chris and I take turns at home with him. Chris and Ethan also visited Texas in September so that Ethan could visit SFA in Nacogdoches (Chris, did I spell that right?). Ethan is very interested in SFA at this point. Here are some late summer – early fall photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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