Wedding Vows: Part 2

Chris just sent me back his lovely vows. I am placing them out here for my own benefit. Some of this blog is just a way for me to have an online catalog of things important to me. Now Chris and I had the typical vows too–you know, the “until death part us” etc. But we wrote our own personal vows as well. These vows remind me of why I love Chris so very much. And of our lovely lovely small wedding. It was one of the most beautiful days of my life–really, only about 3 child birthing days can compete with the exhilarating, heart-thumping joy of my wedding day (wedding #2, that is). Here is what Chris said to me on our wedding day:

I think marriage is a thing that happens as a process over time.  We have this moment to celebrate  – to make our professions to each other in front of the people we love.  But the marriage doesn’t end here, neither does it really start here.
I married you
When you fell asleep on my lap on my mother’s couch
The first time I saw you dance
Over pancakes
While doing your taxes
When we drove an RV across Texas to wear silly costumes
I married you
Over that first cd you made for me
And in the process of making you a cd to answer it
When you were kind to my mom
When we rented that little cabin and hiked in the woods
And I saw you wearing the sun in your hair
I married you
In all of the hundreds of other moments where our souls quietly spoke to each other in a language we could not hear with our ears, but which our hearts recognized immediately, unfailingly.
Some things are meant to be.
Vows are funny things, using words like “always” and “never” and “’till death”.  Vowing in such absolutes make me afraid  – of my frailty and inability to live up.
So with all humility, I promise
To trust in this love
To listen to you without trying to fix you
To take you at your word and trust in your judgment
To believe in your dreams
To celebrate the wrinkles and the scars
To act as your warder (Robert Jordan reference–we are Wheel of Time geeks)
To be your friend
To live as your lover
For the rest of my life
Come rain or shine

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