Gratitude Notes

  1. Hannah wasn’t injured today on the way home from college when something struck her windshield and sent chards of glass her way. It could have been so much worse.
  2. All of my kids are under one roof tonight. Ahhh. Before Hannah left for college, I didn’t appreaciate just how lovely that is.
  3. There is a life-sized skeleton sitting in the chair next to me–Josh’s friend Seymour Skinless–and it doesn’t even feel all that strange or unusual anymore. I guess that Seymour and I are finally becoming friends or I’ve come to accept his presence in our life.
  4. The smell of onions, celery and wild rice hanging in the air.
  5. Hannah and the two friends she brought home from college for the weekend hanging out watching a movie in the next room.
  6. Josh finally allowing Chris to put him to bed even when I am at home tonight so that I can cook.
  7. Twinkling lights from the other room.
  8. Pumpkin candles made in Mason jars, purchased at a truck stop in Wisconsin.
  9. The Into the Wild (Instrumental version) soundtrack.
  10. Rare night out with Chris last week. Thanks to Karin for subbing for me as a mommy and Suan for subbing for me as a Yoga teacher.
  11. The Yin Yoga training I attended in early November.
  12. Teaching Yin Yoga, which is all about acceptance. I love teaching yin. How it came to be that I even learned about this awesome form of yoga, I know not. But I am so so grateful.
  13. Our new wool mattress topper. Oh, the healing powers of wool.
  14. Garlic and ginger, ginger and garlic.
  15. Tumeric. So healing for your body; such a lovely flavor, especially in my cauliflower soup.
  16. Finding a Sit’n’Spin at the Goodwill for $2.50–to help with Josh’s vestibular development (I had been waiting for about a year to find one used).
  17. Beautiful Thanksgiving flowers from Sydney and Timon (our house guests).
  18. Everyday, my family and I have an abundance of food.
  19. Fresh, potable water comes out of our tap; everyday I am still a little amazed by this gift.
  20. All of the beautiful friends that have blessed my life through the years.

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