Hey, hey/ It was the 14th day of April.
Gillian Welch

I am listening to my 14th of April album, Gillian Welch’s Time (The Revelator). In particular, the song April the 14th (Part 1) and Ruination Day (Part 2). No pre-tax day would be complete without a listen to this album. I always get chills up my spine when Gillan sings “Hey, hey/ It was the 14th day [stellar use of the pause here] of April.” And then check out Dave Rawlings guitar work on the title track Relevator (in particular around the 2:11 and 5:11 points–breathtaking). It sets my soul free every time. Yes, I get very excited about music. What can I say? I think that music helps us to be the people we really are, deep down inside, where illusion fails.

Here is how it looks in my neck of the woods on the 14th of April:


The eagle has landed!


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