Today’s Youth are the Prayer Flags to our World


Having just come from my daughter’s college graduation, with a baccalaureate that was basically a moving collage of seniors being creative (and one being slightly grotesque, which offended my parents), I am in awe of the raw energy, beautiful minds, and inspiring creativity of today’s youth. This gives me hope when I could just hide in my bed all day, overwhelmed by the problems that face our world today. But instead, I feel uniquely optimistic because of what I’ve seen recently in the young people around me who now stand at the threshold to our “grown-up” world with the drive and enthusiasm needed to instigate positive change. Perhaps more than ever, this is the generation upon which our collective future depends and I wholeheartedly believe in them. And, I raise them up across the front porch of my soul as the prayer flags of our world.

My daughter recently showed me this short film project (access by clicking here) that her friend John TerEick created for a poetry class. It is a moving collage that beautifully captures the poem, “Self-reliance” by Dobby Gibson. Hannah even has a small cameo in the film (she is the one “driving north”). Moreover, one of Hannah’s high school classmates (and friend) composed and performs the background music.

As I watch this film, I feel hope for what lies ahead.


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