Little Boys Love Dress Up Too . . .

Two photos of my two boys, taken twelve years apart (June 2002, June 2014). Interesting how the 12 year old picture has much better quality. My dad took the photo of Ethan with his digital camera. Ethan, who is now 19, took over my digital camera last year and I am left hobbling along on a three year old iPhone. I recently captured this photo of Ethan from my dad’s computer. I hadn’t known it existed and what a find.

I love looking at this photo of Ethan because it was taken in the town home that Han, E, and I lived in my first year post-divorce. In spite of the divorce, I have such happy memories of that year. The three of us truly became a tightly bonded family unit in that year spent in that town home. I remember how the kids would turn their head to watch themselves eating at that awful wall-sized mirror-all (mural). I didn’t even own a vacuum cleaner that year but had to get down on my hands and knees to dust bust the crumbs left under the table after a meal. Fun times.

The interesting thing is that, if I were to take a picture of this same farmhouse table today (now in my basement) you would see that it is still covered with baskets of art supplies, construction paper, coloring books, and finished pictures. The surface of the table, which was made from recycled pub walls in England, was still relatively “new” in the photo below (while the bottom of the table top showed a deep patina of years). This surface now has its own nice patina of wayward marker lines, paint blotches, and deep grooves where little hands couldn’t resist digging the point of a scissor into the soft wood of the table top. And there is no way that I’d ever part with this table (willingly). It helps to tell the story of my life.

Ethan (at age 7)  dressing up mostly using his sister's clothes.
Ethan (at age 7) dressing up mostly using his sister’s clothes.


Josh (age 4) wearing his sister's sparkly shoes and her flower headband.
Josh (age 4) yesterday, wearing his sister’s sparkly shoes and her flower headband.

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