What’s Working

. . . in my life right now.

  1. Evening out with Ethan on Thursday. We attended an Edward Hopper exhibit that showed many of the drawings that Hopper used to work up his oil paintings. About 5-6 paintings were also included in the exhibit. It was really interesting to see the first sketches for Nighthawks (one of my top ten favorite art works of all time) and to learn of it’s relation to the Flatiron building (one of my top ten architectural works). It helped me as I contemplate my own creative process.
  2. Ethan picked up Jack White’s Lazaretto on vinyl on Thursday night as well. Used his download to burn me a copy. Oh yeah. I could keep track 5 on continuous repeat.
  3. Reading Thomas Merton’s The Silent Life, which inspired #4.
  4. Deactivated my Facebook account for at least a month Face-cation. Ahhh. Peace. (bye-bye thirst for recognition) Image

It is the need to have everyone else bow to our judgment and accept our declarations as law. It is the insatiable thirst for recognition of the excellence which we so desperately need to find in ourselves to avoid despair. This claim to omnipotence, our deepest secret and our inmost shame, is in fact the source of all our sorrows, all our unhappiness, all our dissatisfactions, all our mistakes and deceptions. It is a radical falsity which rots our moral life at its very roots because it makes everything we do more or less a lie. Only the thoughts and actions which are free from the contamination of this secret claim have any truth or nobility or value in them.

Thomas Merton, The Silent Life


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