Practicing N.A.U.T. (No Action Until Tomorrow)

I have created a new acronym for myself to climb onto and float upon. N.A.U.T.; No Action Until Tomorrow.

I am in a place of anger right now. We have decided to move Josh back to a specialized preschool this year given the drop in his hearing levels. Even though Josh’s previous preschool is aware that this decision was made entirely due to Josh’s change in hearing and our recognition that this Montessori school is completely ill-equipped to handle Josh’s changes next year (in part because our current school district is not following through on Josh’s IEP), the preschool’s answer is basically, “So sad, too bad. We’ll keep your deposit and collect ten percent of the tuition you would have paid to us this year for services that you will no longer need.”

I am happy to have them keep the deposit. That is the point of a deposit right? But beyond that? I am already researching contract law. Especially given that the school will likely fill Josh’s spot [or, who would know the difference because they pack an unwieldily amount of kids into that classroom, which is part of the reason why they wouldn’t be a good “mainstreaming” option for Josh with his transition back to functioning more like a hearing-impaired kid than a hearing kid] and therefore, likely will have no actual damages due to our medically-motivated decision.

I want to call someone on the phone and throw around legal terms. I want to write a nasty email. I want to go onto Facebook and declare that no one should ever send their children to this uncaring lot of edu-business women. Indeed, my niece dropped out of college on the third day of school last year due to anxiety issues. Her tuition was refunded in full (less the deposit, of course). I guess preschool is big business (For additional reading, see the New York Times article, For Some Parents, Leaving a Private School is Harder than Getting In).

But I’ve done those things in the past when I was hot under the collar and I’ve always regretted it. So I just keep telling myself, NO ACTION UNTIL TOMORROW.


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