Writer, mother of three children spanning the ages of 25 to 8. On this blog, I write about the older two (both in their twenties), but mostly about my young one. My eight year old, Josh, was born with bilateral mild to moderate, reverse sloped, conductive, hearing loss. He’s had two major ear surgeries in his right ear that have, for better or for worse, given him near normal hearing in that ear, but also a slew of issues.

I have tried to tag posts dealing with hearing loss pretty carefully, so if you are here because you have a child with hearing loss and want to avoid all of my other random entries (and they can be random), please just enter “hearing loss” into the search function and most of the relevant entries should come back.

I’m happy to answer questions.



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  1. Hi. I wanted to let you know that I’ve written a book about deafness, entitled If A Tree Falls: A Family’s Quest to Hear and Be Heard. I am trying to get the word out to parents of deaf and hard of hearing children, with the hope that my book will be of value to them. (Lots of information about the book at http://www.ifatreefalls.com.) Thank you!
    Jennifer Rosner

    1. Jennifer,

      This looks like a great book. I will definitely order it and read it. I was just wishing yesterday for such a book. My husband and I stand at the edge of this deaf world right now. We are ready to jump in, but not sure where to turn with all of these decisions. I am certain that reading about your experiences will prove immensely useful (as well as reassuring).

      Thanks for reaching out.


    2. Jennifer,

      I was always looking for your book at bookstores, where they have an amazing array of books about raising autistic kids and hardly anything about raising children with hearing loss. I finally ordered your book a few days ago. It arrived yesterday and I read it (almost) straight through (finished this morning). Very very helpful. You described perfectly so many of the same experiences that I had–my ad hoc hearing tests, administered at home while we were awaiting Josh’s ABR, the grieving, the waiting for language to come–I am still in that waiting period. Josh doesn’t seem to be picking up language as quickly as your girls did. We are even moving (just across town) to a 100 year old home that is close by the deaf oral school we have chosen for Josh. Anyway, you are an amazing writer and I want my whole family to read this book. I’ve already assigned it to my husband. Thanks so much for bringing this book to my attention.


  2. Jennifer,

    I just read some of the articles you’ve written, linked to your blog. You are a fantastic writer. Might I link to your blog from my blog?



  3. Hi Heidi, I’m writing from a national family wellness magazine — we’d really like to reprint your article “10 Gratitude Principles to Live By” (published on Mind/Body/Green). Sorry to leave a note here — just having a hard time tracking you down. If you could drop me an email at pathways@icpa4kids.com, I’d love to tell you more. Thanks so much!

  4. Hi,

    Thank you for your blog! I think you and your son Josh are very brave for facing his hearing loss with such determination. I also have had issues with losing my hearing to a cholesteotoma and resulting degradation of the middle ear bones. This blog and your stories have given me courage to face an upcoming tympanoplasty surgery and I want to thank you for your inspiration. God bless you both !

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